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The Schmidt family feels deep personal gratitude for the lifesaving care Otto received at Saint Francis.

Pilar Schmidt wrote to us about her family’s amazing experience.  The Schmidt family knows what it is like to shift from colleague to patient. Pilar, a former Saint Francis Foundation director, shared her experience of navigating the health care of her husband at Saint Francis Hospital.  Otto suffered from Atrial Fibrillation (AFib). After multiple trips to the Emergency Department and ongoing care at Hoffman Heart and Vascular Institute, he became an early recipient of the “Watchman” device.  This is a safe, minimally invasive, one-time heart implant device that reduces stroke risk by preventing the formation of clots, thereby also reducing the need for lifelong blood thinners.

The Schmidt family feels deep personal gratitude for the lifesaving care Otto received on “both technological and empathetic levels. A year later, Otto is stronger, has no sign of AFib and is happily back to many of his former activities.” The family also wished to share their story to honor all the physicians and staff in every area of care that treated Otto – the emergency department, cardiology and electrophysiology.  Everyone they interacted with was amazingly talented, attentive, caring and supportive.  Pilar says she “never imagined that such new facilities as the electrophysiology operating suite she helped fundraise for in the early 2000s would one day benefit her husband,” ultimately saving his life.

The Schmidts also believe in the importance of giving back. Together, our donations can help the hospital continue to provide exceptional care. Your donation will support the essential technology and services that might directly benefit you, your family or your neighbors in the future!

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