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A New Beginning: Maya Lynn's Story

My sister and I had just finished watching Dancing with the Stars when I felt a very sharp pain shoot across my belly. Being my first pregnancy, I assumed that my water would break, contractions would begin, and I would get in the car and go to the hospital.

When I began screaming in pain, my sister decided it was time to make a few phone calls. My husband, Brian, received the first call; my OB/GYN received the second. The OB/GYN wanted to know if I was feeling a lot of pressure and since my response was “yes,” she simply said, “Go to Saint Francis immediately.”

The 5-minute drive from our downtown Hartford condo to the Saint Francis Emergency Department was a bit challenging, so when the doors of the ED opened, Brian simply said, “My wife is 41 weeks pregnant — CHECK HER IN!!” From that moment on, we could not have been happier with our decision to use Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center as the place to bring our daughter, Maya Lynn, into the world.

To the gentleman who wheeled me to Labor and Delivery, the nurses who got us through it ALL, the anesthesiologist (who truly was God-sent), the resident who actually delivered Maya, the “doc-in-a-box” who barely got scrubbed in before Maya’s head appeared…everyone was truly remarkable.

You may have heard the saying: There are no coincidences, just Godincidences. For Brian and me, that is how we feel about our experience at Saint Francis and the birth of our beautiful daughter.We couldn’t have planned it any better if we tried. Our experience in the New Beginnings Family Birth Care center was phenomenal! Everyone working at Saint Francis should be proud.

Thank you to all who made our experience a blessing and a time we will never forget!

The Thompson’s story is just one example of the more than 277,000 babies that have been born at Saint Francis.