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LUCKY GUY. .. that's me!

As the saying goes, "SOME PEOPLE HAVE ALL THE LUCK!" ... and I am probably one of the luckiest! So now after eight decades, I can look back and tell you why with a certain clarity not visible before.

I was lucky to be born in America to an Italian-American family that prized loyalty, tradition, honesty, and love. My hardworking parents provided all the essentials with humor, warmth, and gentle nudging. Our Brooklyn, NY, home was always open to a large contingent of uncles, aunts, cousins and friends that added spice, intrigue, as well as loving support and direction.

I was lucky to have teachers and mentors, especially an older brother, that cared for me and promoted education, social, and sports activities. Together with a new Princeton admissions policy intended to expand the then-narrowly focused enrollment, I was lucky to be awarded a scholarship and work program to the university which covered all my expenses.

I was lucky to be assigned roommates spanning the social and economic spectrum including the first Japanese-American Hawaiian, a NY scion, a West Virginia aristocrat, and several future financial wizards. (They convinced me to ditch my pegged-pants and blue suede shoes for white bucks).

I was lucky to obtain a quality engineering education, as well as an expanded conservative view (probably unavailable in today's university environment).

I was lucky that a Princeton professor paved the way for a Stanford fellowship that further enhanced my engineering capabilities.

I was lucky to witness and participate in the golden age of science and technology and thoroughly enjoyed my lifetime employment at the Research Center of United Aircraft (now United Technologies Corporation). I was lucky at UTRC to enjoy friendships with colleagues and fell ow professionals that have endured for more than 50 years, while participating in many world-class technical activities.

However, the luckiest moment for me occurred during my high school baseball days when I chased down a foul ball and met my life soulmate, Mary! After almost 60 years of marriage and a family that includes three loving, accomplished children, and seven beautiful grandchildren (each with their own personalities and talents) I can proudly say, "They are our legacy and why I can claim to be a lucky guy." I've already won the lottery many times over!

I was lucky to go to Saint Francis Hospital in the spring of 20I7, where I received world class care and healing under the best doctors and nurses in Connecticut. I am presently being treated by a professional and caring staff at the Smilow Cancer Center.

LUCKY GUY. .. that's me!

Frank and Mary Biancardi