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A heart murmur was detected...

Joe Jeamel was a bank executive for 20 years, serving as chief operating officer of Rockville Bank, an independent, community bank that has since merged with United Bank.  He retired in 2010 which allowed him to travel to Florida for winters, play golf and enjoy his 3 children and 8 grandchildren.  On a routine visit to his physician, a heart murmur was detected.  Joe was referred to a cardiologist for monitoring, and after two years, his condition required surgery.

He was sent to Saint Francis, and visited cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. William V. Martinez, Jr. Even though Joe felt no discomfort, he was informed that they needed to address the situation before the onset of a heart attack or worse.  Dr. Martinez wasted no time in performing a single heart bypass and valve replacement surgery on Joe in January of 2016.  

After surgery, Joe participated in the Fiondella Cardiac and Wellness Center rehab program and recovered nicely.  He was so impressed with the rehab team that he made an investment in the Center to ensure that they continue to offer state-of-the-art care for our cardiology patients. “We are grateful to Joe for paying it forward and making sure we can maintain our facility and equipment for our future guests,” stated Claire Karwacki-Marugg, MS, ACSM CEP, manager, Cardiac Wellness and Rehabilitation Programs.


Caption: Celebrating Reese Jeamel’s Frist Communion. Back Row (l to r):  Karen and Mark Jeamel; Joe Jeamel; Patti Woolwich; Aleta and Adam Jeamel. Front Row (l to r): Reese Jeamel; Maddie Jeamel; Aiden Jeamel; Sloane Jeamel and Sam Jeamel