Saint Francis Foundation

Julie Grey donates "Emergency" painting by West Simsbury artist Lori Racicot


This powerful image is displayed as a reminder of the brave and selfless service and sacrifices of our health care workers during this unprecedented and uncertain time.  
This painting is donated with love and admiration in honor of Dr. Michael Grey, current Professor and Chair of Medicine, and Dr. Beverly Carolan (Doyle), emergency room physician, for Saint Francis Hospital, who have both faithfully served their communities and patients for so many years and last, but certainly not least, all “Emergency” and other health care workers who steadfastly serve, sacrifice, and protect the public, especially during this critical time in our history.   
Julie Grey MacKay and Family (2020)

Artist Statement

The painting “Emergency,” created alla prima, is a product of weeks contemplating how dire it is to fight against COVID-19.  It is my desire to honor the bravery and heroism of health care workers all over the world.  In an effort to represent ALL health care workers, regardless of sex or race, I painted the semi-abstract figures covered head to toe in personal protective equipment (PPE) devoid of details, while focusing on the large shapes found in the light and shadows, similar to Charles Hawthorne’s Mudhead paintings.   

The title “Emergency” not only represents a hospital emergency room, but also the urgent need to protect health care workers, cure those who have fallen ill, and to continue efforts to provide vaccinations for the disease.  

Lori Racicot