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Kristen A. Zarfos, MD Donates $15,000 to Support Outreach Efforts at the Karl J. Krapek, Sr. Comprehensive Women's Health Center

Dr. Kristen Zarfos, Director, Karl J. Krapek, Sr. Comprehensive Women’s Health Center at Saint Francis, recently donated $15,000 to support community outreach and education. Dr. Zarfos is a compassionate and patient-oriented surgeon whose breast cancer and women’s health advocacy dates back 25 years. She worked with US Congresswoman Rosa DeLaura to advocate for women facing denial of hospitalization the day of undergoing a mastectomy. This same advocacy with the Connecticut General Assembly led to bipartisan legislation in 1997 known as the Connecticut Breast Cancer Patient Act. Thirty other states subsequently passed similar legislation.

Throughout her career, Dr. Zarfos has kept her focus on equity and eliminating barriers to screening and treatment for underserved communities. Dr. Zarfos seeks to help women understand risk factors and prevention, symptoms, and treatment options for breast cancer, empowering them to be advocates for their health. Her recent gift will ensure that marginalized communities have access to the information and resources needed to achieve the best possible health outcomes.  If you would like to support this program so we may enhance and sustain our efforts, please click here.