Walk-A-Thon Middlebrook School Wilton, CT


Pictured:Nola Ryder, Molly Snow, Isabel DiNanno, Emerson Pattilloand Meshan Wood. 

Isabel DiNannon a sixth grader at MiddleBrook Middle School in Wilton, CT entered a challenge with six other classmates to present a topic/charity that was important to her. She shared the story of her grandmothers survival of uterine cancer and two strokes while treated at Saint Francis. In the end her presenation was selected to be the beneficary of the schools annual Walk-a-thon. Isabel is grateful to have her grandmother with her today and speaks foundly of the time at Saint Francis. Heading the fundraising efforts for the Walk-A-thon, Isabel and her classmates rasied over $5,000 for Saint Francis. 

SBM Charitable Foundation, Inc. Awards Saint Francis
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