Grateful Patients

We are humbled by the hundreds of letters, calls and e-mails we receive from people who are grateful for the care that they or a family member have experienced here at Saint Francis. For every letter we receive, there are countless others who are grateful for the superb clinical care, as well as the kind and caring words of encouragement, provided by our talented staff. Many of our most generous donors have personally experienced the miracles that occur at Saint Francis every day. So thankful, in fact, that they were motivated to fund programs that offer hope for others or make gifts in honor of one or more of our caregivers, including doctors, nurses and Hospital staff.  Here is an example:


Carol Martin surrounded by her loving family.

A letter from Carol B. Martin

Twenty three years ago my husband, John Martin, was diagnosed with a glioblastoma multiforme brain tumor.  Although John was operated on, we learned that this is a type of cancer that cannot be completely removed.  Following the surgery, John received chemotherapy and for a short while, was in remission.  Regrettably, John died thirteen months after his cancer was discovered.

Those thirteen months meant a great deal to the family.  Our children, who were in their twenties and early thirties, were able to spend time with their dad and let him know how much they loved him (which had not always been expressed in their teenage years.)  And he was also there to tell us how much he cared for us.  We had so much love and support from our extended family, friends, colleagues at work and from Aetna, where John worked.

The staff at Saint Francis where he went every week was wonderful and made treatment as comfortable as possible.  Of course, it was a difficult year but surprisingly it was also filled with many good moments and lasting memories.

As we drove to the Hospital through Hartford, John would look around and comment "How lucky we are to have the emotional and financial support necessary to see us through this hardship.  Others are not so fortunate."  Consequently, when he died, we established a special fund in John's memory to help those who have needs above just those of the illness itself.  John would be so happy to know that this fund exists and grateful to all who have donated to it.  It also means a lot to our family that in some small way we are able to help someone else with this disease.


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