Together we can

Saint Francis has embarked on the Hope & Healing Campaign to raise more than $15 million for oncology care to further the impact, innovation and expertise of this remarkable institution, ultimately offering patients the best possible chance for a cure.

Our goal is to bring healing and comfort to our cancer patients and their families and to help them find their smile every day.  On the tough days, as well as the days that call for dancing victory celebrations, our nurses and doctors are there side by side with their patients.  Answering questions, giving support, lending a shoulder to cry on, a quiet prayer before surgery or a "high five" to make a long-awaited milestone - these are the little things that turn doubt to hope and trust.

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Priority Projects 

Expansion of Cancer Center                                       $6,000,000

Inpatient Oncology Unit Renovation                        3,250,000

Access Sites                                                                     2,000,000

Programs and Services                                                 1,750,000

Research and Education                                              2,000,000  

Total                                                                           $15,000,000


Click here for pictures of 8-1. the inpatient oncology floor, ribbon cutting ceremony.